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Type of Animal: Beagle

Age: 4

Owner name: Nigel

Country: Singapore

Comment: My Dearest Dog, Cookie:( I sit and try to write the words i want your heart to hear. Hoping to find some comfort in the fact that your not here. I do believe with all my heart that your soul has gone to be with all the other angel dogs that you were meant to see. We will have to stay behind.. untill God calls us too. So do not be afraid that he's only called you. Untill then, I'll keep trying to see through my tears. with memories you left us.. to reflect through the years. And I dread the day will come, when we'll start to see through the pain of the moment and remember just YOU. Now you go and play, and look down when you can. Remembering we love you and this is'nt gonna end. I heard from my sister that the day before cookie was admitted to the vet. That night she went to all of our room. And lie beside all of our bed. each and every single room. Maybe..Just maybe?? she knew that she's gonna leave us D: Hais She past away today. Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 6am while she was at the vet.... The company you've gave us this years is deeply felt. You'll always be the bumpy and adorable dog we've had. Regrets of not being by your side when you've left. Always with love. Rest in peace my baby!

Date Added/Modified: Sunday 2nd of May 2010